Garage doors are so much more than just a device that allows a homeowner to park their car in a garage. They are an important component of a house or business that provides security to homeowners and their belongings. Additionally, garage doors provide insulation to the home in the event of unpredictable temperature changes. Garage doors are important and need to be maintained for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

Glenn’s Garage Doors proudly services, repairs and installs commercial, farm and residential garage doors throughout mid-Missouri. We are more than happy to help with any garage door services our customers may need. Contact us today to discuss a new project or with questions pertaining to different models, installation, services and repair!

Satisfaction is Our Number 1 Priority!

From your home to your business, Glenn’s Garage Doors helps our customers find garage doors that fits their specific needs. Our garage doors function to fit your every need in addition to adding finishing touches that make your home look beautiful. Whether a customer needs a whole new garage door or just a quick fix, we will help find the system that is perfect for them. We have years of experience in the garage door installation and repair. At Glenn’s Garage Doors, we want to deliver complete satisfaction to our customers.

Glenn’s Garage Doors Q&A

What are signs my garage needs to be fixed?

If a garage door is struggling to open and close properly this indicates that a garage door repair is needed. Opening in an awkward manner or coming off the tracks, signals that a garage door should be fixed immediately. When garage door opener is pressed, the garage door should respond almost instantly. If there is a lag in response or the garage door doesn’t open at all, this would signal that a garage door repair is necessary. Additional signs of a garage needing a repair are:

  • Shaking when opening and closing
  • Excessively loud when operated
  • Hesitation when opening
  • Sagging garage door
  • Broken or chipped areas of the garage door
  • Broken or loose cords/wires
  • Broken or bent tracks/hinges
  • Higher than normal utility bill

If your garage is seeming to need constant repairs, it may be time for a new system. Don’t make this important decision uninformed or on your own. One of our knowledgeable garage experts can inspect all of the components of your system and assess what you need. Glenn’s Garage Doors is here to help! Please give us a call if you are in the market for a new residential or commercial garage.

How much does a new garage cost?

There are a variety of factors that impact the cost of a new garage door. Glenn’s Garage Doors will work with you to find out which features best suit your needs. This can include the number of doors, windows and panels. By assessing these and other factors, Glenn’s can determine the most cost efficient garage for you that still fits your needs. When contacting us to get a quote for a garage price, we want our customers to take comfort that they are dealing with our knowledgeable team of professionals who have extensive experience in this field. We will do what it takes to help you find the lowest possible prices and system that fits your needs.

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