Glenn’s Garage Doors’ Fool-Proof Guide: Find The Right Garage Door for Your Mid-Missouri Home

Glenn’s Garage Doors’ Fool-Proof Guide: Find The Right Garage Door for Your Mid-Missouri Home

Are you currently looking to spruce up your home’s exterior? Nothing adds curb appeal like a new garage door! Since it’s something you use multiple times a day, your garage door should not only be functional, but also stylish. 
Before replacing your residential or commercial garage door in Moberly, Mo, ensure you are making the right choice with our guide to garage doors in mid-Missouri. Whether you are looking for garage door repairs or installation in mid-Missouri, our team is here to ensure you choose the door that best fits your home!

Top 5 Things to Know About Garage Doors in Moberly, Mo

  1. Your garage door needs are unique to your home. Get an in-person quote to ensure you are making the right choice. 
  2. If you are purchasing a new garage door, accessorize it with a new opener. For the best deal, replace your opener and door together.
  3. Before purchasing, ask about the benefits of a variety of materials to ensure you are choosing the best garage door for your home. 
  4. If you use your garage often, ask about the different types of springs you can use on your garage door. Paying more during the installation process can save you money in the long run. 
  5. Let an expert install your garage door. There are many moving parts and the potential for costly errors without the help of a professional.

Frequently Asked Garage Door & Accessory Questions in Mid-Missouri 

Before installing a new garage door into your mid-Missouri home, ensure you are making the right decision by exploring our frequently asked questions.

What material should I use for my garage door?

With a variety of materials including steel, wood, wood composite, aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl, it may seem difficult to choose the best garage door for your home. Whether you are looking for something ‘kid-proof’ or painted to match your home, our variety of suppliers are sure to find the perfect garage door for your home. Call our team of experts to discuss the benefits of each type of material for garage doors in mid-Missouri.

What are the benefits of insulated garage doors?

With Missouri’s varying weather conditions, insulating your garage is not only energy-efficient but can also improve the comfortability of your home. With quieter operation, increased door strength and an increased thermal boundary, investing in an insulated garage door for your Missouri home may be the best option for you. Call our expert garage door installers today.    

What are the best garage door openers for my garage?

With modern technology and a variety of garage door openers, ensure your home is safe and secure with a new opening system. Our team offers LiftMaster, MyQ Smartphone Control, Chain & Belt Drive opener and Side Mount Openers. With the LiftMaster opener, you will receive a lifetime warranty on your motor and a year warranty on individual parts. On the other hand, the MyQ Smartphone allows you to control your garage door at the touch of your fingertips. Whether you are looking to fully replace your opening system or upgrade your current system, MyQ can be added to a variety of existing systems. For more information about our garage door openers call our team of experts. We are sure to find you the best residential or commercial garage door system in Moberly, Mo. 

How much can a new garage door cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all cost for a new garage door in Moberly, Mo. However, the experts at Glenn’s Garage Doors will work with you to ensure your garage door has the features you desire at a cost that best suits your budget. Contact us for a garage door price quote. We want our customers to take comfort in knowing they are dealing with our knowledgeable team of professionals who have extensive experience in this field. We will do what it takes to help you find the most affordable prices and system that fits your needs. 

When should I replace my garage door?

In the Midwest, your garage door gets a lot of action. With the changing weather and constant usage, repairs to your garage may be necessary every few years. Signs your garage may need repairs include: 

  • Shaking when opening and closing
  • Sagging garage door
  • Broken or chipped areas
  • Broken or bent tracks and hinges
  • Higher than usual utility bill

If you find your garage is constantly needing repairs, it may be time to replace it. Contact our team of professionals to learn more about whether repairing or replacing is the best choice for you.

Providing exceptional garage door repairs and installations throughout Missouri, our team of professionals at Glenn’s Garage Doors are here to ensure our clients’ needs are met. Whether you are interested in a new vinyl residential garage door or a side mount opener being added to your commercial garage door, our team is here to help.

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