Why Smart Garage Doors are So Popular

Why Smart Garage Doors are So Popular

You might not think much about your garage door, but making the change to a smart garage door can simplify your life in ways you did not think were possible. There are many benefits from added security to door automation, and more. And when you are looking for someone to come install your new garage door, call Glenn’s Garage Doors for all of needs for Garage Door replacement in Moberly, Mo.

Reasons Why You Should Install Smart Garage Doors

Added Security 

The garage is an entryway to your home that’s taken for granted. Smart garage doors give you a wide variety of security features to choose from. So whether you are focused on a security camera with night vision or if you want notifications sent to your smartphone when your garage door is opened without your consent, your smart garage door will help you keep an eye on your home when you’re not around. 

Open Your Garage From Anywhere 

Most smart garage doors will let you open and close your door from anywhere you are. So if you need to open the door for a large delivery, if a friend needs to get in, or if someone forgets their keys, you can still open the door wherever you happen to be. Whether you want to keep people out or let them in, a smart garage door opener gives you the widest amount of options to stay in control. 

Easy Access 

A smart garage door allows you to easily get into your home, and especially when there’s inclement weather, you will want an easily accessible door to get to. Avoiding a freezing, rainy walk to the door through your garage will be the top option in the winter. And instead of fumbling around for your garage opener, you will know you can get in easily through your phone. 


Be sure that your doors are never accidentally left open again. Leaving our door open happens more often that we would like to admit. Someone passing could easily take advantage of the forgetfulness. If you have a smart garage door, there’s no need to have to turn around to check if the garage door is closed. 

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