How to Decide Between Garage Door Repair or Replacement

How to Decide Between Garage Door Repair or Replacement

How to Decide Between Garage Door Repair or Replacement

Are you experiencing issues with your home’s garage door? In this blog, we’ll go over common problems homeowners face when it comes to garage doors and garage door openers.  We’ll also give you a guide to the parts of your garage door and what problems to look for. If you have more questions about garage door repair, give us a call at Glenn’s Garage Doors! Our technicians are skilled in garage door repair, and customer service is our top priority. We are proud to serve the Moberly and Columbia areas!

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The Top 10 Basic Parts of Your Garage Door

Garage doors can be tricky. There’s a big difference between knowing there’s a problem with your garage door and knowing specifically where the problem is coming from. Part of determining if there’s a problem is having general knowledge of the parts of your garage door. That way, even if you do have to call a technician, you can point them in the direction of the problem, saving you time and money. Many people don’t know the basic parts of their garage door, so they often have a hard time pointing to the cause of the problem. Here are the top 10 garage door parts you should be familiar with:

  1. Bearing Plates – these plates are used along the shaft in torsion spring garage designs to support the weight
  2. Cables – support the weight of the door when it is being pulled open and closed
  3. Pulleys & Sheaves – the part of the mechanism that pulls the door open and closed
  4. Locks & Handles – these enable you to lock your garage door
  5. Rollers – a part of the mechanism that pulls the door open and closed
  6. Rail – not all garage doors have this mechanism; others have a chain, belt, or screw
  7. Garage Door Openers – the remote system that triggers the door to open or close
  8. Extension Springs – these springs lie along both tracks to assist raising and lowering a garage door. Note: If a garage door does not open, it is most likely a damaged spring. Only trained professionals should attempt to repair or replace garage door springs, as they are the most dangerous component of a garage door. Springs usually last 8-10 years on a residential home.
  9. Torsion Springs – these springs pull on the cables to balance the weight of the door, helps pull the door open and closed. Again, do not attempt to fix these on your own.
  10. Hinges – hinges provide support for sections of garage doors. These allow the garage door to roll up or down.

Garage door designs vary, but most have these standard parts. Now that you have a basic understanding of garage doors, it will be much easier to spot a problem if you experience one. Regardless of where you think the problem is, if it is severe, don’t attempt to fix it on your own. Faulty garage doors can present a serious safety hazard if you don’t know what you’re doing. If in doubt, call a technician. Our team at Glenn’s Garage Doors is skilled and has years of experience, and we’d love to come out and give you a hand with any garage door issues you’re having. If you’re in Moberly, Columbia or the surrounding areas, give us a call.

Common Problems and When to Call for Garage Door Repair

When it comes to issues with garage doors, there are common problems among homeowners, Most of the time, garage door issues are easily fixed and don’t require professional attention. However, if you’re experiencing a more severe problem, you need to enlist the help of a professional. Garage door mechanisms like springs can be incredibly dangerous, so don’t attempt a repair if you are unfamiliar with garage doors and how they operate. Here are some common problems homeowners face, and signs to look out for.

If a garage door will not open and close properly, this is an indication you’ll need repairs. If your garage door is opening in an awkward manner or coming off the tracks, it needs to be fixed immediately. When garage door opener is pressed, the garage door should respond almost instantly, so if there is a lag in response or the garage door doesn’t open at all, you’ll need to get the signal repaired. Additional signs of a garage needing a repair are:

  • Shaking when opening and closing
  • Excessively loud when operated
  • Hesitation when opening
  • Sagging garage door
  • Broken or chipped areas of the garage door
  • Broken or loose cords/wires
  • Broken or bent tracks/hinges
  • Higher than normal utility bill
  • Worn out springs
  • Misaligned track
  • Faulty cables

Contact Glenn’s Garage Doors for Garage Door Repair and Replacement

Glenn’s Garage Doors provides services for the following garage door repairs: broken spring replacement, track replacement, panel replacement, photo eye sensor alignment, garage door roller repair and replacement, and inspections.


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